Collectors’ Testimonials

For years I’ve been searching to find the perfect piece of art for my home. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find an abstract that I loved with the vibrant colors I was looking for. I saw a picture of the home of a family friend of ours, and was stunned by a Rabby painting she had. I knew that this was the style I had been looking for all along. I spoke with Laura many times and she was gracious enough to send me many pictures and patiently answered all of my questions. I was torn between several paintings, but I knew that there was really no wrong decision. I finally chose what was later named, “Pleasure and Passion”. Having never seen his work in person, I did not realize how absolutely amazing the texture was. Pictures cannot do it justice! This piece is everything I’ve been searching for and so much more. I love this painting and want to own more pieces of his art in the future.

Tara Martin
Edmond, Oklahoma

Jim Rabby with Collectors Lola & Tom McDonald and Jen Norman & Dick Burgett

Jim Rabby with Collectors: Lola & Tom McDonald and Jen Norman & Dick Burgett

While in Santa Fe recently, we had the pleasure of visiting the Rabby Studio & Gallery. It was an amazing experience for us to see this man’s prolific art and his distinctive style. The charming Laura Diggs, Jim’s marvelous assistant, greeted us and showed us around the magnificent art displayed throughout their studio and gallery.

Jim took time away from working to come visit with us. Jim is not only a talented artist, but also a very kind and humble gentleman. It was humbling to be in the presence of this gifted man who has dedicated himself to creating beautiful art that others can enjoy.

Laura has worked closely with Jim for many years and she is one professional lady! After purchasing our painting, we received several emails advising us when the art would be shipped, how to unpack it, what type of lighting to use and the placement of our new Jim Rabby painting. The framing in and of itself is a work of art, selected and constructed by Jim and Laura, it beautifully complements Jim’s art.

Our experience with Laura and Jim has been the most delightful and professional experience we’ve had with an artist’s studio. We are thrilled with our painting “Caribbean Sparkle”. It will be a continual reminder of Jim Rabby’s talent and Laura Diggs’ dedication to Jim and his life’s endeavor.

Lola & Tom McDonald
Parker, Colorado


Santa arrived in his FedEx sleigh this afternoon. What wonderful goodies he left for us!

All items arrived in top notch shape. Our children had arrived about noon. John and Laura and I ‘unwrapped’ the paintings with much anticipation…

And tomorrow we will hang. “Chama Spring” will of course occupy center stage; “Golden Tips” to the right and “It’s a Beautiful Life” to the left. Wonderful!!!

I am so glad you answered your phone that day in May, Jim; am so happy we are friends!

Again….well, what else can I say … My dear wife and I send blessings and cheers to each of you….

…..till we meet again and maybe at least once before then; we’ll all meet one day at the foot of the rainbow!

Harold Jones
Lubbock, Texas

I am a huge fan of Jim Rabby and his wonderful art. My wife, Jeri and I have had the good fortune of acquiring a number of Jim’s wonderful paintings over the years. As a fellow artist, I am in awe of Jim’s work ethic and his dedication. Jim and his work are inspirations to me and I am amazed with the unwavering of the quality of his paintings. I must say that I think Jim Rabby is America’s foremost contemporary, abstract painter. We have surrounded ourselves with his paintings and are overjoyed to be able to enjoy his work. Jim is an inspiration. Jeri and I not only enjoy his work immensely, but we feel strongly that his work is one of the finest investments that we could possible make. Jim Rabby is a blessing in our lives. Thank you Jim!!!

Kirk Clark
McAllen, Texas

Jim Rabby with Collectors: Tra & Molly Cardwell and Shelly & David Little

Jim Rabby with Collectors:
Tra & Molly Cardwell and Shelly & David Little

Dear Jim,

We want to share our collection experience with you. Molly and I were in Santa Fe to celebrate our anniversary. Molly was very excited to meet you at the gallery, we spent some time visiting and you said, “You know the 25th Anniversary is silver, 50th Anniversary is gold. Do you know what the 24th Anniversary is?” You said, “It is oil painting.” That was in June 2000 and the beginning of a wonderful friendship with Jim and Laura.

We now have a total of seven Rabby paintings in our home, four in our bedroom and three in our great room. We connected with each of them in a special way. The four in our bedroom are: our 24th Anniversary, “Pool of Delight”; our 30th Anniversary “Arm in Arm-Heart to Heart”; an abstract painted in the 90’s that I could not take my eyes off of, “And the Night Stood Still”. We also have an earlier large heart painting, “True Hearts” for our 31st Anniversary and for our 32nd Anniversary, “Winged Chi”. In our great room we have a tall abstract, “Meandering in the Light” for Molly’s 50th birthday.

We daily enjoy our paintings and are reminded of our wonderful times in Santa Fe. We have stayed with you on several occasions and you and Laura have been the most gracious hosts. When we were there for Molly’s 50th birthday, ya’ll had a cake made for her. Jim, I so enjoy our early morning discussions, as I watch you transform a blank canvas into one of your masterpieces. I also enjoy assisting you with framing or crating and helping Laura to set up paintings in the gallery. Each of these experiences, help me to connect even more with our paintings.

Thank you both again for your hospitality and friendship. We are very excited about our next trip to Santa Fe and the pleasure of staying with you.

Tra & Molly Cardwell
Vernon, Texas

Dear Jim:

We have received your painting and it is fabulous. We absolutely love it, it is a masterpiece.

We were amazed at the amount of effort that was devoted to packaging and shipping the painting. I think you used more wood for the box than New Mexico has trees.

We have not yet hung the picture and that is why you have not heard from us about that. Given the weight of the picture and where we plan to put it, some special preparations are being done to hang it.
It may still take weeks to get all of that work done. When it is done, we will, of course, send you a picture. But, we already know that it will look great.

I also can’t help but observe that the title, “Harmony and Unity” couldn’t be more opposite than my business (Divorce). We like that.

We greatly appreciate your talent and the beautiful work that you have created.

Dana & Sharon Blatt
Calabasas, California

Jim Rabby with Collectors: Bill & Linda Miller and Linda & Trey Berry

Jim Rabby with Collectors:
Bill & Linda Miller and Linda & Trey Berry

Dear Laura:

Our paintings arrived safely. They have been uncrated and are in perfect condition. We enjoyed finding the perfect spot for “Neon Tide” and have included photos of other pieces in our collection (“Raspberry Stratosphere” and “Tall, Dark and Skinny”).

Obviously a lot of care and attention went into shipping which we certainly appreciate. It’s been a pleasure meeting and working with you. Also, please let Jim know that the opportunity to meet and talk with him made the entire experience “very special”.


Karl & Peggy Thomas
Houston, Texas

Laura…I LOVE the painting. It is absolutely beautiful and the texture and color mixes really complement each other. Also it really makes the other pieces stand out even more. All are in my dining room and they make me smile every time I walk but them.

Thanks to all!

Nancy Thompson-Allen
Evergreen, Colorado

Hi Laura,

Yes, the painting arrived in great condition (that was some crate!). I put it up on my office wall for now, but it may go home to join my other Rabby (which I took home 2 hurricanes ago for protection). You’ll be glad to hear I’m getting lots of “ooos and ahhs” as people go by and stop to look. It fits great on the wall in front of my desk so I can see it all day long. I will take a photo and send it to you. Thanks for checking in!

Mark Copeland
Houston, Texas

Hello Everyone!

Bill purchased a painting by JIM RABBY for my birthday, an artist whose work we both love. We visited his personal studio attached to his home and we were impressed with the space as well as his work. Much of his work reflects the rocky landscapes and countryside in abstract ways and we love his use of vibrant, irrational color. What isn’t entirely evident in the images is the thickness of his paint application and the time required for the paint to develop a skin, remix it and repeat this process numerous times to add a unique textural quality to the work and his lightly tinted varnish that pools in the recesses. There may be others who have used this technique, but in all our travels, we have never seen it.

We decided on an abstract, which he later named “Hearts in Flight” The painting arrived this week packed in a wooden crate, complete with its framing, hanging hardware, insurance documentation and marketing materials and we just mounted the piece to it’s desired location. From the standpoint of an artist, this crating and documentation was a learning experience on how a higher caliber artist presents his work to a client. Both Bill and I were very impressed.

Love to all,
Sandy Miller
St Louis, Missouri

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